Sky Blue Bow Tie 17 Little Shits

I did the ice bucket challenbge in case anyone wants to watch that

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Hello little rainbows!

This is Admin Nana and I am kind of back with a video! I got nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by my friend Yuki on Twitter and well, this is the result. Don’t mind the crappy quality or me talking rubbish to kill some time. Also don’t mind me derping all over the place. And I am sorry for screaming (was that even a scream??) I’m tagging people via Twitter, and PLEASE don’t forget to donate, I love you!


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Hello I dyed my hair purple

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Boys calm down

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Hello here is the Like Seventeen Show 4 highlight video with the option of 1080p please enjoy

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Pledis decided to delete the highlight but have no fear I downloaded it in HD and I’m uploading it right now though YouTube is dumb so it’ll take like 90min.

They also decided to delete EP6 but I reuploaded that too If you wanna check it out

Also, this is Wonwoo’s brother Bohyuk. He’s a 98line and looks quite like Wonwoo

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Hansol and his little sis aw so cute

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So who thinks I should block some websites for like 3 hours and write some Seventeen fanfiction?

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in which seungcheol & soonyoung were jamming to the song and chan accidentally turned it off

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